What we offer...

We provide IT business solutions and services based on your requirements, industry standards and newest academic research.

Why choose us

"Adding Value - Not just delivering what you need, but offering something additional, own innovation - that is our principle."

Solutions have to be more than a process, template, IT system. They have to 1 integrated model of delivering a business objective. Our solutions and services grow, based on your input as well as independently from your requirements. To reinvent industries, markets and functions new concepts have to be transported from theory to practice or from practice into structured solutions. We are driving this transition. We offer always something more than you expect.

Our Standards

We make them - our professionals have designed several industry standards used in around the world

Many organizations use industry standards to perform their business; just some truly understand how to generate value from them. Our team members have conceptualized new standards themselves over their professional and academic careers and are well aware of when a standard adds value and when it remains a theoretic overhead.

We live them - Standardization in regards to the approach, not the solution, helps delivering more efficiently and effectively.

Standardized in regards to the approach facilitates a faster and cheaper delivery of a solution. Also using a standard solution sometimes creates value, especially in the broader context integrating into a larger business ecosystem. We love to differentiate solutions to make them work for your context, while still using standard approaches to remain transparent over the delivery cycle and flexible in regards to the outcome.

For your Success in Business!

You will be amazed on how far our sense of partnership goes.

We are a business as much as you are. That means we understand that every expense has to create value and that investments have to be managed very carefully. All our solutions and services are focused on creating an immediate value for you. If they don't, they will not cost you anything.
Our solutions and services are not designed from a technical perspective or low-cost semi-professionals, but industry experts, with operational and managerial experience. Please read more information about our principles of doing business.

A few words about us

Founded in 2002 digital-media-lab provides solutions and services for almost 10 years

First established to support some very specific projects, several of the smaller systems were extended and redesigned to larger solutions. Those solutions have been adopted by more and more organizations. Furthermore the services division started as an independent research team and was integrated into the overall organization in 2010.