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Expertise - Our Internet Marketing, Web Design and Software Development Services remain unequaled

Truly Professional Services means a partnership that adds value to you and does not just deliver what you could have done yourself. It means a partner you can trust to deliver more than you initially expected. We are absolute experts in System development, Web Design and Internet Marketing. We are leading researchers in that area, we drive the industry and will do it more than anybody could do.

Focus - System Development, Web Design & Internet Marketing

We just focus on 3 things. We do not do more, we will not do more. This focus allows us to ensure exceptional quality services and a long term commitment to our customers. We did not and will not plan to diversify and seek alternative income streams, we want to be the best partner you can find for those 3 services.

Some References

"Considering that they have developed many of the underlying search technology, they probably have some knowledge of what they are talking about..." (Customer Feedback)

We are active Researches in our domain. Just search for some A-journal or attend any major conference and you will probably meet us.

Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing as an essential part of the overall marketing mix.

Internet marketing is the strategy to

  • Create more awareness for products, services and overall organization
  • Create desire to purchase products and services or any other affiliation to the company
  • Convince the potential customer to perform a transaction

We know the common topics in the area of Internet marketing:
  • Did you ever wonder why you do not have a lot of traffic on your web site ?
  • Did you ever wonder why you do not show up on the top if you search for your product in Google ?
  • Did you ever wonder why users do not buy anything from your web site ?
  • Did you ever wonder why customers do not come back ?

digital-media-lab is concentrated on answering those questions and implementing solutions that really work.
We have a team of professional Internet Marketing specialists with very extensive know-how in working with small, medium and large enterprises. Together with our technical experts we design truly successful and sustainable approaches for your organizational objectives.
Several of our specialists are world leading researchers and lecturers in the area of Internet Marketing and Search engine technologies.

Web Design

The effectiveness of a Web Site is derived from the impact it has on its users. The long term cost structure is determined by the underlying technologies.

Having a Web Site means presenting your products, services and overall company to the public trying to find more potential customers. Achieving this objective requires a professional approach. An unprofessional Web Site stands for an unprofessional business. Most Web sites in the Internet do not create a desire for purchasing the promoted products because the site does not appeal to the specific profile of the targeted customer.

  • We understand the demographics of your potential customers
  • We know how to structure a Web Site
  • We know which colors and shapes to use
  • We understand which areas have higher attention and how to create it
  • We know which elements should be part of a Web Site

The Internet is commonly understood as an opportunity, but for a lot of smaller organization a bad Web site can become a significant threat. digital-media-lab integrates outstanding Web design and Web development. Using any type of design technology (pictures, videos, animations, sounds, ...) we can create the unique look that makes each project a special appearance in the Internet.

System Development

digital-media-lab has a broad spectrum of experience in creating sophisticated as well as simple Software Solutions. With customers as well as developers around the world no idea is to small or to big. A short list of previous projects:

  • Content Management Systems - Enhancement of existing CMS and development of own CMS
  • Auctions - sophisticated online auction platform (over 10.000 times used in the Internet)
  • Online-shops - Enhancement of existing shop systems and development of complete new software
  • Travel portals - Searching and booking of travel packages
  • Podcast - Watching podcasts online
  • Radio-channels - Sound players and favorite management for global Radio Portal
  • Search Engines - Spider, Indexing and search algorithms
  • Forums / Portals - Discussion and Content Portals for different industries (cars, travel, music, ..)
  • Movie portals - Watching movies online in a english movie portal

Our solid background on software architecture ensures that each solution is developed the right way. This ensures a sustainable platform for the solution and optimal flexibility for future growths. digital-media-lab therefore combines two areas: Professional software architecture and Professional software development (including documentation).
digital-media-lab combines software architecture, design & development with creativity & individualism. We create software based on all prominent technologies, including but not limited to Java, ASP.NET and C#.