Service Management Solutions

Service Management requires a solid understanding of the business processes and openness for customer feedback and continuous improvement

Service Management Solutions allow you to measure your quantitative and qualitative key performance indicator and to derive action to improve service quality perception.

Our solutions are designed to provide you improvement opportunities from the first Day 1

Listening to the voice of the customer is the basic principle of customer service. We help you to determine the opinion of specific customers and to derive immediate action.

Solution Packages

Objective of Solutions

Immediate Direct Feedback

Our solutions allow you to assess customer feedback in general or directly after the service is rendered.

  • Immediate customer feedback
  • Analysis of individual customer service consultants
  • Development of key performance indicator over a period of time.
  • Analysis of verbatum and follow up action on problems

Service Management Approach

Constant Feedback, Improvement and Escalation

Understanding the performance of your customer service team requires fast and accurate information. With our solutions you get immediate feedback about the service level and facilitates you to find resolutions on customer dissatisfaction before they become problems.

Main Functionalities:

  • Collect Customer Feedback (qualitative & quantitative)
  • Analyze feedback and coach customer service staff
  • Identify general problem areas
  • Provide immediate customer response in case of problems
  • Track mid term performance improvement
  • Benchmark different areas and individuals

Some References

Our clients have to remain confidential, but we illustrate several examples to provide more insight about the impact of our work.