Innovation Management Solutions

Identifying New Ideas and implementing them consistently

Our Innovation Management Solutions enables your organization to elicit ideas, prioritize them and control the piloting and implementation. Ensure your organization benefits from business innovations in a structured way.

Transforming new ideas into business impact

Every organization has can develop new ideas, but almost none can translate them into true value add. Our solutions support you to capitalize on new ideas and enjoy the benefit our your talents passion and discipline for constant improvement.

Objective of Innovation Management Solutions

Foster ideas, evaluate potential impact, test and implement

No matter if it is a new product, service or improved process, your talent has a lot of ideas how to make your organization better. Our Innovation Management solutions let you share the process of organizational transformation with your employees in simple but effective processes.

  • Identify potential ideas
  • Estimate / Evaluate impact
  • Identify implementation opportunities
  • Consolidate implementation feedback
  • Multiply implementation in other areas

Innovation Management Approach

Innovations are not accident

If you leave business innovation to be a by-product of normal operations, your organization looses out on one of the key assets of employing people. Every employee will develop ideas how to make operational processes easier or how new products and services can improve customer satisfaction.

Main Functionalities:

  • Raise and contextualize ideas
  • Evaluate impact of idea
  • Identifying implementation opportunities
  • Assign test implementations to key talent
  • Consolidate feedback and improve implementation approaches
  • Multiply ideas across different areas

Innovation Management References

All our clients remain confidential, but we can illustrate several implementation examples to provide your more insight about the impact of our work.