Quality Standards

After 40 years software development is a professional discipline - not an area of trial and error.

We follow a proper software development live cycle, we follow proper software design, we ensure proper documentation, we ensure the sustainability and efficiency of the design, we ensure your flexibility for your projects.

To develop a proper system design a business analyst has to truly understand your business. To develop the right platform you can not depend on technical limitations of the software provider, but you have to choose an approach that makes you faster, cheaper and more flexible. Most software development organizations enforce a structure on you due to their limited understanding of the business processes or strategic determinants of IT services.

System Development

Our Passion is System Development

There are 100 ways to develop software, but not all ways make sense to what you truly need. We can identify alternative options, illustrate the long term impact of different models and deliver the right solution. Let us do it right.
Software Requirement Specifications, Design Specifications, Test Specifications on IEEE standard, Development based on CMMI, Project mangement based on PMI and support based on ITIL - we know how to do it right.

Different technologies for different purposes


development of classical client server applications, based on C#, Java, VB or other common languages

.NET application

development of web applications and service on .NET framework

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iPhone application

development of mobile applications for the iPhone device

iPad application

development of applications for the popular iPad tablet

facebook application

development of facebook applications that integrate into the social media platform

flash/flex application

development of flash & flex applications provide attractive graphical user interfaces and access to rich media

javascript & php application

development of web applications based on free & opensource technologies