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Managing Business Risks is necessity for sustainable growth

Managing operational and compliance risks requires the transparency of risk situation as well as a balanced set of controls that allows all participants to understand their roles and responsibilities. Our Business Risk Management Solution describes best practices processes and tools that allow you to evaluate the overall risk situation ensure controls are implemented and verified in all areas of the organization.

We are experts in the Governance, Risk & Compliance industry and provide professional GRC solutions

With leading experts from the Business Risk Management industry our solutions provide the next step of strategic GRC capability for your organization. Our solutions for business risk management, human resource management, financial services and customer relationship management are geared into providing an exceptional high level of value as well as to continously evolve based new ideas and approaches.

GRC Solution Objective

Transparency, Responsibility, Action

Business Risk & Control management requires the sustainable translation of rules and policies into organizational processes. Just the consistent implementation with comprehensive checks and balances clearly allocated to individuals can ensure to avoid business and compliance risks. Sophisticated and clear management reports and transparency ensure the optimization of all activities as well as conscious decision making.

For organizations:

  • Full transparency of guidelines & policies, rules, business risks and controls
  • Institutionalize the implementation & review of controls
  • System-driven follow-up in case of inconsistencies
  • Documentation for external & internal audits
For Employees:
  • Contextualize guidelines, rules, business risks and controls to everybody
  • Ensure clear accountability & responsibilities
  • Framework for consistent documentation of controls and reviews
  • Personal reminders and workbench
For Corporate / Groups:
  • Key metrics to manage business risks and controls
  • Enterprise wide management reports
  • Transportation of best practices between entities
  • Coordination of local & group guidelines
  • Facilitate shared services and audit support

Business Risk Management Approach

Following standards but flexible to remain simple

The Business Risk Management process is standardized via several industry standards. Our solutions allow the identification of risk sources, quantification of risks, determination of controls, supervision of the implementation process and automated audit and review cycles. This process is supported by specific analytics to identify short comings and focus areas.

Main Functionalities:

  • Manage corporate structure
  • Manage rules & guidelines
  • Manage contextualization of guidelines to employees
  • Identify and quantify risk
  • Determine, allocate and specify controls
  • Manage implementation
  • Audit implementation
  • Analytics on efficiency and effectiveness of implementation

Solution Introduction

Business Risk Management References

"Finally a comprehensive overview where the overall organization stands and which areas are critical" (Customer Feedback)

Our Corporate Business Risk Management Solution provides great analytics to facilitate that management of many entities with similar or different guidelines, laws, risks and compliance implementation approaches.

Our clients have to remain confidential, but we illustrate several examples to provide more insight about the impact of our work.

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