Strategic Internet Marketing

Does your Internet strategy provide true value to your business ?

Internet marketing means much more than having a Web Site or doing Search Engine Optimization. We support you to translate your business strategy into concrete action that add value to your organization.

Based on clearly defined Marketing Objectives, we determine a consistent Strategy of potential approaches. Those approaches may require technical or non-technical implementation.

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Internet Marketing Services

Internet Marketing has to start as a strategic, not a technical discipline. Without strategic alignment the large spectrum of different Internet Marketing approaches often drain financial or human resources without adding significant value.

We are marketing experts focussing primarily on business value and not on the technology. We just engage into any technical implementation once we understood and agreed to a strategy on how the Internet can and will add value to your organization.
Our generic Internet Marketing Framework includes 3 main components: Creating Awareness, create desire for products and services and generating transactions. We can help you to find the right methods to achieve those objectives on a sustainable basis.

Internet Marketing China

Since years one of our major focus points is helping organizations with a professional Internet Marketing Strategy for China

China provides huge opportunities and risks for large, medium and small sized organizations. With an entirely different demographics as well as media channels we support organizations to establish a successful and sustainable strategy. Considering our long experience, fast network and creativity our customers capatilize quickly on a significant increase in brand visitbility as much as enquiries.

Social Media Management

Social Media Management becomes a key competence to many Learning Organizations.

Listening, understanding and acting on customer feedback as well as to establish direct communication channels to customer segments is a key component of a marketing strategy. We support organizations in many different markets to establish and maintain professional communication channels. In that we go much further than typical media like facebook or twitter, but include the local channels of the business environment. Our strong local expertise allows us to recommend very specific strategies, reducing investment and significantly increasing ROIs.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing remains an important component of many Internet Marketing Strategies

For almost 20 years we have been part of the research and development of search algorithms, technologies and development. This long experience a know-how is the key to support organizations to develop a sustainable strategy for specific search engines - not just for google, but also market specific engines like baidu or industry specific portals.